McGleenan’s Pharmacy provides our clients with a comprehensive range of pharmacy services designed around the medical needs and requirements of our local community.
Our dispensary service is built around all state schemes including:

  • Medical Card

  • Long-Term Illnesses

  • Drugs Payment Scheme

  • Hospital Emergency

  • Health Amendment Act

  • Hardship Scheme

  • Drug Refund Scheme

  • Dental Treatment Services

For additional information on our range of professional pharmacy services, get in contact with McGleenan’s Pharmacy today.

Free Prescription Delivery Service

There may be times when you are unable to call into the pharmacy and need somebody to deliver your medicines. We can also collect your prescription from your surgery with permission from yourself and your surgery.
Contact us if you wish to avail our service. 01 287 4029

Blood Pressure Monitoring

High blood pressure is a major risk factor associated with an increased risk of having a stroke or a heart attack. In McGleenan’s Pharmacy, we offer a free blood pressure check with your prescription. Our pharmacist is available to offer you advice on ways to reduce and control your blood pressure.

Home Medical Equipment

In addition to offering a range of home medical equipment, we also offer a delivery service. Furthermore, if the installation is required, we can also provide this service. Call us to find out more.

Diabetic Services

We offer a very good service to our diabetic customers providing all your diabetic supply services required through a pharmacy. This includes blood glucose monitoring devices, glucose test strips and insulin pump equipment. Blood glucose monitors are provided free of charge under the Long-Term Illness Scheme. We also can do a random glucose level check with our in-store monitor.

Medical Advice

Whether you are looking for tips on giving up smoking or need advice on losing weight, our helpful team are always willing and able to offer solutions that may suit you.

Pill Organising Service

We offer a pill organising service which is committed to eliminating the opportunity for medication errors. Our Pill Organising Service ensures you are taking the right drug, in the right dosage at the right time - whether you are at home or in a care setting. Ask our pharmacist about compliance packaging for you or your loved one who needs assistance to safely take their medications.